40 Watt Sun release brand new song ‘Pictures’

Alternative rockers 40 WATT SUN have released a brand new track entitled Pictures, which is the second track to be released from their forthcoming album, Wider than the Sky.

It has also been announced that 40 WATT SUN‘s upcoming album will be released on October 14th via the band’s own label, Radiance Records.

You can listen to 40 WATT SUN‘s latest song, Pictures here:

40 WATT SUN‘s frontman, Patrick Walker spoke about the brand new song, as well as the impending album release:

“It’s a new experience for me, being this involved in the actual release of an album. It’s certainly a learning curve in many ways, and something I struggle with most of all is providing soundbites and quotes when needed. I’ve learned over the years that no matter how personal or “confessional” a song is, once it’s out there in the world any listener is going to interpret it according to their own experience and it then becomes whatever they need it to be. This song is no different; you don’t necessarily need to know my thoughts and feelings on it. I’m not sure I’d even know where to begin.”

The album artwork and track-listing for Wider than the Sky can be seen below:

40 Watt Sun album cover

1. Stages (16:20)

2. Beyond You (09:42)

3. Another Room (11:56)

4. Pictures (09:50)

5. Craven Road (10:31)

6. Marazion (03:56)

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