EastDear Park are a five-piece Metal band from Gaithersburg, Maryland, and goodness gracious, to they make a din. Fusing in many influences from the heavy hitting BORN OF OSIRIS and VOLUMES, to the more experimental bands such as BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, this is a band with a fire and a roar in their hearts.

EASTDEAR PARK consists of Daniel Shields as Lead Vocalist, Ben Rockwood, Bassists and backup Vocals, Kevin Petley on Drums and offering clean Vocals, Guitarists Colin Fraser and Ryan Deoliveira. All in all, these boys have put together an impressive back catalogue over their time together.

Formed in march of 2011, the guys released their first EP in early 2012, and the subsequent full length album, titled Reflections, came not longer after in 2013. There’s a vibe of KILLSWITCH ENGUAGEPERFECT CIRCLE and UNDEROATH to their music, but the guys play to full throttle as if they were up there with these big names. With their passion and enthusiasm, who knows? Maybe they will be one day.

The dark, melodic expanse of EASTDEAR PARK is impressive, their material on record is hugely well produced, and it’s all available to download on bandcamp for free. Their latest release, M, is also available to stream and was released to positive resonance all round in the community. For those who enjoy a band who have made it on their own, it’s notable the all their material has been DIY, taking no hand outs and working hard to maintain themselves and thier music. More so, because of this consistent and refreshing work ethic, and a desire to give to their listeners what their favourite bands gave to them, the live shows are definitely something to look for if you can. In any case, to see such a solid band producing such great quality, hard hitting and interestingly worked music, EASTDEAR PARK are a sure fit to blast your summer away to.