INTRODUCING: Forty Winters

Having formed way back in 2005, FORTY WINTERS have pushed themselves over several years to produce a fierce and threatening sound to reflect their menacing and brutal attitude. A fusion of Blackened Metalcore, Hardcore and Death Metal, they are formed of Jeff Stevenson (Guitar/Vocals), Xavier Vicuna (Vocals), and Scott Dotson (Drums), this is a band with a punching sound and a threatening conviction akin to their influences SLIPKNOT, HATEBREED and FEAR FACTORY.

For a long time, the guys have been carving a name for themselves in the South Florida scene, having risen up from Coral Springs. However, that’s not to say that through time their sights didn’t stretch further afield. Having toured Puerto Rico, Southern and Central America, FORTY WINTERS are pushing themselves ever more to conquer the hearts of disillusioned Metalers all over.

In addition to working the local and international scene on their own terms, FORTY WINTERS have more than proven that they can play with the big boys, having shared the stage with many prestigious names such as SUICIDE SILENCE, ALL SHALL PERISH, EMMURE and TERROR to name a few.

Their first record was released under the title Reflections in 2011, and their EP Isolation came two years later. Now, after much conspiring and calculating, they released their second full length album Rotting Empire in late July, and are in full throttle mode once again as they gear up with new videos and plans for the future.

This is no frills Metal in a time where many bands in similar boats have opted for a generic sheen and glamour. You won’t find this band covering from a challenge; they stare it hard in the face and roar through the bullshit. Thick, bad ass and flecked with grooves, the material these guys produce will have you up and punching in a second.

Passionately bitter and incensed, the method of punching out brutal tunes to work a sweat up to and crash through the tired mess of clutter and meekness is what FORTY WINTERS do best.