Aborted unleash Retrogore

Belgium’s gore-soaked death metallers ABORTED have unleashed the title track off their upcoming record, Retrogore!

The track is taken from the band’s upcoming eighth studio record, which is set to drop in April, three months after the release of the crushing EP, Termination Redux.

Via a post on ABORTED‘s Facebook page, vocalist Sven de Caluwé says,

“Here it is ghouls and maniacs! The first, opening track and title track to our fine new little piece ofauricular mayhem called Retrogore. A profound little diddy that somewhat recalls the finesse and tactfulness of Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life or as we shall call it our own ‘The meaning of Death(metal)’.

You see, folks, there are blast beats, there are ridiculously fast kicks all over the place, really, really, reaallly dark melodies to make you churn and some shredding for those who like that thing called musicianship. To top it off we have myself puking all over it in a fashion that would make Cookie monster cringe and Kim Kardashian shake that big ole butt of hers.

In other words, it’s ABORTED, it’s uncensored gooey, gory fun for the whole family! Enter the nostalgic world of Retrogore and don’t be a chump, get a pre order and be part of something that will bring you joy and happiness, for at least one hour! Guaranteed!”

Retrogore is set for release on April 22nd via Century Media Records.