Al Jourgensen’s Surgical Meth Machine Sign Record Deal

Credit: Allan Amato

SURGICAL METH MACHINE, the new project of MINISTRY leader Al Jourgensen have revealed they have signed a deal with Nuclear Blast.

The newly-formed speed-metal outfit will now release their debut record later this year, after originally aiming for a September release.

Recorded at Jourgensen’s own home studio in Burbank, California, the album is set to be helmed by veteran engineer Sam D’Ambruoso.

Of the release, Jourgensen said: “There’s a couple of real poppy things on there, which brings me full circle, because, literally, I don’t give a f*** anymore.”

“So I’m actually almost acknowledging that first horrible pop record I did in 1983. I’m crooning on some songs, I’ve got some pop songs on there, and then there’s just brutal assault for the rest of it.

“It’s a very dichotomous record, but it’s me, and I’m acknowledging everything that’s been me through, like, the last 35 years. Let’s just throw my balls on the table and hope somebody doesn’t have a meat cleaver running.”

SURGICAL METH MACHINE will mark the frontman’s first major output since MINISTRY announced the end of their recording career in 2013.