ALBUM REVIEW: Awakening From Abyss – Lovebites

An upcoming band is receiving praise left, right and centre from some of the biggest stars in their industry. What’s the first thing you do? Check out their sound to see whether you think it lives up to the praise or not. In the case of Japanese Power Metal troupe LOVEBITES, they have received praise from house hold names in Rock and Metal. Lzzy Hale (HALESTORM), Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN), Michael Weikath (HELLOWEEN) and Kiko Loureiro (MEGADETH) have joined the LOVEBITES bandwagon. They are due to release their debut Awakening From Abyss tomorrow and it shows more than just a lot of potential.

Awakening From Abyss is an interesting portfolio of high energy, empowering and brilliantly structured melodies that will cause chaos and mayhem within the crowds of their live shows. The best way to describe their sound? If MEGADETH, BATTLE BEAST and NO DOUBT had a conspicuous love child then LOVEBITES would fit that description perfectly. Their sound has a similar song structure of MEGADETH and BATTLE BEAST; not to mention matching their mighty power as well. At first the vocal work reminds one Gwen Stefani until you hear the power metal screams in the tracks in Scream For Me and The Apocalypse. It might appear like an odd mix on paper but within this sound it works spectacularly well.

One thing that is noticeable when listening to this particular record is the guitar work, reminds one of old school thrash. This style of guitar musicianship can be heard very clearly in the tracks The Hammer Of The Wrath, The Apocalypse and concluding track Bravehearted. These kinds of riffs and solos will have the listeners wanting to practice a little rapid headbang at any given moment or practice a little bit of air guitar that can make any mediocre task seem that little bit more interesting.

There are some uplifting moments of the album which can be heard in tracks such as Shadowmaker, Liar and Inspire; this is reinforced by the dominant vocal work, unforgettable melodies and sweeping choruses that make you feel you are ready to take on the world. One could detect a little hint of BATTLE BEAST in these tracks, the songs Familiar Hell and Bringer Of Pain come to mind when you play this album by LOVEBITES.

For a debut album from a band that are starting to make their mark in the rock and metal scene, Awakening From Abyss shows a lot of potential and promise. LOVEBITES can only get better from this moment as they continue to develop their sound further.

Rating: 8/10

Awakening From Abyss - Lovebites

Awakening From Abyss is out now via JPU Records.

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