ALBUM REVIEW: Baby I’m A Runaway – Rob Lynch

Baby I’m A Runaway is the second album from London based singer-songwriter ROB LYNCH. Relaxed through Xtra Mile Recordings, this album sees ROB LYNCH trying to expand his sound and develop what he began on his debut.
The album starts on a real strong note with Prove It, has the albums most infectious chorus. It’s a brilliant example of the kind of song made for festival stages in the sun. Runaway and Selfish Bones have similar vibes but the lyrics take a slightly more personal tone. The album as a whole has a very personal feel to it, with lead single Sure Thing being about ROB LYNCH trying to drag himself out of a slump.

Towards the middle the pace of the album slows down with Closer and Tectonic Plates. The latter is the first purely acoustic track on the album and is about youth and growing up, a recurring theme on the album. Salt Spring changes things up again with an almost 90’s alternative rock sound. The fact ROB LYNCH mixes things up throughout the album definitely helps as it keeps things from getting stale.

In terms of his performance on the album his vocals are solid throughout but aren’t the strongest aspect. His real strength is in his lyrics and ability to tell a story within a song. The fact that these songs are so personal yet they feel relatable to the listener is very impressive. Sometimes taking such a personal approach can result in an album that feels alienating for the listen but that isn’t the case here. Whether he’s singing about romance on Runaway or growing up on Youth it’s all stuff the listener will have most likely experienced at some point.

At 10 tracks the album doesn’t outstay it’s welcome either, even with a few slower tracks in the second half the album moves along at a good pace. It just feels like all the filler was cut out and we’re left with 10 songs that could all be single sculls, which is a very good thing. On top of all this ROB LYNCH just comes across as a genuinely likeable guy on this album.

In the end it’s clear that ROB LYNCH is just a really good songwriter and hopefully Baby I’m A Runaway will see him grow in popularity. The album has songs perfectly suited to big stages and tiny clubs so these songs are sure to go down brilliantly live. If you’re a fan of FRANK TURNER or THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM then it’s highlight likely that you’ll find something to like here. Baby I’m A Runaway is great album to listen to on a sunny day with some friends whilst you have a beer. It’s not a perfect album but it’s a damn good time.

Rating: 8/10

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Baby, I’m A Runaway will be released on 22nd July on Xtra Mile Recordings/Grand Hotel van Cleef.

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