ALBUM REVIEW: Bloodgeoning – Embedded

WORDS: James Weaver

Germany’s EMBEDDED have flown under the radar for many extreme metal fans for years now. Despite being active for over two decades, the German death metallers haven’t quite caught the same spotlight as their compatriots. Now, after a seven year wait since 2009’s Beyond The Flesh, the band are ready to unleash album number four, Bloodgeoning. Does this new offering propel EMBEDDED into the spotlight of death metal?

With it’s complicated riffs and consistent blasts from the drums, opener Quadruple Corpse Horror opens it’s blood-driven death metal assault. It’s brutal, incredibly fast and immediately sends the adrenaline pumping. In terms of the music style, Bloodgeoning firmly sticks to the brutal death metal formula and in that sense, EMBEDDED have done a fine job in their craft. Cleansed By Fire batters the listener through incredibly powerful riffs before unleashing into a fine breakdown whereas Dawn Of My Being features consistent double bass drumming to keep the rhythm at a thunderous pace.

Whilst Bloodgeoning firmly sticks to the style of brutal death metal, there are enough creative sparks that set the record out from the competition. Edenblaze‘s chaotic charge is a slightly slower affair, with solid lead guitar play resembling a hurricane in speed and complexity whereas Grinding The Bones boasts one of the most ferocious vocal displays from frontman Rainer Dusing. Dusing’s vocal performance is the stand-out trait to EMBEDDED, with guttural vocals that resemble the sound of evil in grand fashion.

In truth, there isn’t a lot of criticism to be said with Bloodgeoning. It is a record of blood-splattered death metal mayhem. The band’s longevity has worked in their favour, enabling Bloodgeoning to showcase the band at their very best. Whilst it certainly doesn’t break new ground in brutal death metal, instead it firmly demonstrates what makes the style so revered in the metal underground. If brutality, chaotic riffs and absolutely menacing vocals tickle your fancy, then EMBEDDED‘s Bloodgeoning will be an instant classic to your collection.

Rating: 8/10

Bloodgeoning is out now via Apostasy Records.