ALBUM REVIEW: Chaos + Bliss – The One Hundred

Chaos + Bliss is a perfect title for this blunt and decisive record, an album prepared to shock the system and to open minds. THE ONE HUNDRED deliver an arresting, focused, opus that takes cuts from the metal and hip hop scenes. By mixing together these genres, the band have created a unique and blistering approach and sound.

The record begins with Dreamcatcher. Screams and anger pound the ears here, with a brilliant guitar riff ascending towards breaking point. Field opens up here, shaking the ground with his shattering wordplay. Fake Eyes is an electronic battle cry, it offers a different insight and lasts for only 1 minute or so. Who Are We Now is a ballad, a sombre note to the world. Lyrically it’s the most revealing, conveying brittle afterthoughts. It smashes through the norm.

The formidable lyrical content adds a sense of angry flair too, as the act write with their pulses throbbing and their dreams ruthlessly stuck in the fight for greatness and acclaim. But, THE ONE HUNDRED isn’t narcissistic in any way, they’re creative and want their voices heard like battering drums, like roaring lions.

The sound is different, there’s no doubt about that. It may not appeal to everyone, it may not arch towards popularity, but it doesn’t matter, as it seems fame is not high on the agenda for this hard working and truly motivated act. It’s overrated anyway. As mentioned previously, this is music for a taste not hooked into a certain trend or genre. It’s made to highlight that music can be tinkered with and created from different viewpoints. And the music isn’t a one-dimensional process, it’s layered and worked upon.

This jaded world needs an infusion of intelligent writings too. And by listening on to the wordplay that gets spat through the microphone, in a fast paced rhythm like beat, you’re in for a treat here. It’s progressive and the words don’t adhere to any rules, they’re written with a sneer and state of hope gliding throughout them. There’s too many acts these days who don’t focus on the lyrics. We as humans, love a poetic strand to be created, we love how poetry can take us to a world not suited to pain and misfortune.

The punchy guitar structures, and pulsating rap work from leading man Jacob Field is memorable. He bellows out, shooting his mouth off and surging towards mania. He isn’t mad, he’s just passionate like the rest of the band. The instrumentals are remarkably composed too, steered and built up to create immense and atmospheric jolts, reminding us there’s talent running through every aspect.

THE ONE HUNDRED are different, mixing and breaking new ground. And with the act striking enough purpose into their highly infectious music, they’re becoming a go to band for people devoted to uncovering truth. The intelligent rapping style signifies rage and honesty, and when it begins to dance inside those minds, it will become a sound of hope.

Rating: 8/10

Chaos + Bliss - The One Hundred

Chaos + Bliss is out now via Spinefarm Records.

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