ALBUM REVIEW: Earthbound – Bury Tomorrow


WORDS: James Weaver

It’s hard to think that BURY TOMORROW are celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2016. Whilst they have always been a force in the British metal scene since 2006, it was only with 2014’s Runes, that the five lads from Southampton started making a real lasting impression. Two years from Runes and mass touring under their belt, the band are on the brink of stepping up to the big leagues of British heavy metal. Now that Earthbound is finally here, does this new offering send BURY TOMORROW¬†to new heights?

One thing is certain about Earthbound, this is a very aggressive record. Opener The Eternal pummels your ears from the get go with rapid drumming and venomous guitar licks whilst frontman Dani Winter-Bates unleashes his signature growls. Throughout the entirety of the record, the tone remains the same. This is a record that really holds nothing back, title-track Earthbound is an absolute beast whilst 301‘s inclusion of Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) on guest vocals paves the way for the heaviest breakdown contained on the album. And through Davyd Winter-Bates and Adam Jackson‘s work on the bass and drums respectively, the speed pummels consistently from start to finish. It’s relentless and unforgiving, but ultimately demonstrates the focus and energy packed into the band.

Musically, BURY TOMORROW still retain a lot of the characteristics found within metalcore. Riffs are fast and the twin guitar play of Kristan Dawson and Jason Cameron is often a spectacle to behold, Last Light is testament to that with riffs that spin like a whirlwind before rolling into a chorus that packs a massive rhythm. Yet it is the huge step up in Jason Cameron‘s clean vocals that make Earthbound such a delight to listen to. Cameron has really improved his game with Earthbound,¬†through choruses that pack melody and atmosphere, which really drives the emotion behind BURY TOMORROW‘s style. This is particular noticeable on Memories, with a clean vocal display that sends the hairs on the back of the neck standing firm, it’s incredibly satisfying and showcases a band that have really evolved since their last effort.

There are moments where the record falls into the trap of repetition. For Us, and Cemetery are trademark BURY TOMORROW songs with all the characteristics of the band’s style incorporated throughout their duration. Whilst they are tracks that fit straight into the library of the band, on occasion you get the feeling that it doesn’t exactly drive the band’s evolution forward, more sticking to what they know. It’s not that they are necessarily bad tracks, but it does spring up memories of the band’s past, rather than crafting a record that is wholly new.

Despite this, Earthbound is a record of utter quality. The gel of the band has never been stronger and it has resulted in the best record in the band’s career so far. It’s BURY TOMORROW‘s signature sound all over, which will please the band’s legion of fans, yet it is the innovation and expansion into this which makes the record so enjoyable. With face-melting riffs, a fine-tuned balance of harsh and clean vocals that ebbs and flows to the rhythm and enormous emotive force, Earthbound is a true spectacle to behold. This is the record that will send BURY TOMORROW into the stratosphere, driving them to compete with the best in British metal.

Rating: 9/10

Earthbound is set for release on January 29th via Nuclear Blast Records.