ALBUM REVIEW: Fed To The Lions – Tax The Heat

TAX THE HEAT appeared in 2013 and since then have played festivals and support gigs gaining fans wherever they went. The winter of 2015 saw the quartet venture off on their first headline tour around the UK. Now it’s only logical for a debut album release, and one that promises to be a hit with fans. The album, Fed To The Lions, features a mix of previously released songs and some new material only heard at live events.

The album opens with Highway Home, a cheerful track which many fans will recognise as being previously released along with a music video. For those who don’t know TAX THE HEAT this is a good introductory song showcasing the bluesy rock these boys have made their sound and therefore the perfect song to open the album. Some Sympathy and Fed To The Lions are the other songs previously released songs.

The title track Fed To The Lions has been a hit with fans – and even said to be the song that drew fans to gigs. It is arguably the most catchy song on the album. A pleasing guitar riff, coupled with the memorable line ‘you never had to rip the heart out of my chest’ creates a memorable song that needs regular replaying. Caroline is a different kind of song, less dancey, more heart-felt and emotional. Still good for a sing along however and is certainly a song you’ll find yourself humming.

Animals,arguably harder rock in both sound and lyrics, introduces listeners to TAX THE HEAT’s many musical influences and talents without losing their unique sound. As with many of the new songs on this album, it is clear a lot of time and effort was put into perfecting the sounds and lyrics and it really pays off for the Bristol rockers. This is an album to be proud of.

TAX THE HEAT are an interesting band from any music lovers point of view because of their ability to draw inspiration from just about every genre of music which can be heard in the songs. For example, Caroline has an American Country vibe about it whereas they’re officially a blue-inspired band. This alum serves as an excellent entry point into a new and very exciting act.

Rating: 7/10

Tax The Heat Fed To The Lions

Fed To The Lions is out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

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