ALBUM REVIEW: Mechanisms of Omniscience – Abnormality

Death metal has become one of the most consistent sub-genres in heavy metal. With the traits of the style locked firmly in place, the scene has thrived in recent years with bands emerging from all corners of the globe. Enter ABNORMALITY, a band that hails from the East Coast of the United States, an area that is no stranger to death metal. Four years have passed since the band’s debut full length and in that time the scene has become more demanding. Will Mechanisms of Omniscience continue strike a name of its own or does this new offering from ABNORMALITY get lost in the crowd?

Unlike many extreme records, opening track Swarm bursts into life from the get go through riffs that bend in rhythm. Through consistent blasts, crushing guitar play and venomous vocals Swarm sets the tone for what to expect from the record in fine fashion. From there things only head in a more chaotic direction. Synthetic Pathogenesis has some of the catchiest riffs on the record, with guitarists Sam Kirsch and Jeremy Henry combing well to provide riffs that are laced with groove and captivating the listener in an instant, whilst Irreversible features vocal exchanges from Mallika Sundaramurthy that are executed with precision and at a rapid speed. This is a record that is frantic and doesn’t let up.

Perhaps what is most interesting about Mechanisms of Omniscience is that the record loudly boasts the influence of the style’s best whilst still standing firmly on it’s own feet. The title track of the record blasts the listener through double bass drumming from Jay Blaisdell that effectively replicates the intensity of SUFFOCATION but the track feels fresh and unique. It’s a curious beast and one that demands attention. And whilst the intensity is at all time high and at at times the chaos can be slightly overwhelming there are so many moments where it just clicks. From the whirlwind basswork of Josh Staples on Catalyst of Metamorphosis to the blistering lead play on Cymatic Hallucinations, there are many moments throughout Mechanisms of Omniscience that just leave you in awe.

With that in mind, it bares testament to the ability of the band and their tight chemistry as a collective unit. Jeremy Henry and Sam Kirsch‘s guitar playing is consistently solid, with solos sprinkled across the record to add an extra level of depth to the overall sound, Josh Staples keeps the rhythm pumping with destructive bass lines and Jay Blaisdell‘s drumming is both frantic and consistent with it’s delivery. Mallika Sundaramurthy‘s vocal performance throughout the course of the record is the star of the show with vocal exchanges that are truly monstrous. Her level of ability matches the standard set by death metal in the 21st century and with a range of growls and bellows, Sundaramurthy keeps the brutality at an all time high.

Through it’s relentless barrage of riffs, blastbeats and monstrous growls; Mechanisms of Omniscience is a record not for the faint hearted. From start to finish it doesn’t let up and the adrenaline rush is one to be thoroughly enjoyed. And whilst the record not bringing anything new to the slab, this is a record that perfectly summarises what death metal is all about; utterly brutal and gut-crunching music. ABNORMALITY have crafted a solid record and it has the potential to truly throw the band to the next tier in extreme music. Buckle up and embrace the carnage!

Rating: 8/10

Abnormality Mechanisms of Omniscience

Mechanisms of Omniscience is set for release on April 29th via Metal Blade Records. 

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