ALBUM REVIEW: The Great Collapse – Fit For An Autopsy

Two years since their last studio album, Absolute Hope Absolute Hell, American metal outfit FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY are on the brink of releasing their new offering for 2017, The Great Collapse. We cracked the new piece of deathcore-y goodness open to see just how hard it hits, and how the band have evolved since their earlier work.

Right away, The Great Collapse hits hard. Hydra is a fantastic opening; initially slow and devastating, building up beautifully to an explosion of riffs accompanied by the vocals of Joe Badolato. Black Mammoth adds some sweet little grooves that just make the whole track bounce and stand tall and proud amongst deathcore, whilst managing to keep true to its origins. Tracks such as When the Bulbs Burn Out allow bassist Peter Spinazola and drummer Josean Orta to really shine, along with Too Late. Heads Will Hang is an absolute standout on this album, as it encapsulates everything FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY have done to evolve from their previous work. With its grinding riffs and manic nature, before changing entirely with the addition of cleaner vocals. This addition brings a completely new light to FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, and adds yet another weapon to their arsenal. Let’s not forget, though, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY are known for their aggressive, all-out music, and there’s no lack of that in this record. Ending off with Spiral, the band give the record an exquisite send-off, and is a true display of the band’s talent in its crushing riffs, and their slight infusion of jazz.

In our interview with FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY guitarist Will Putney, he mentioned that The Great Collapse may be their best record, and that was no understatement. The band sound totally unified, and come together perfectly on all tracks, making for a ferocious and simultaneously beautiful listen. Generally, deathcore, especially today, is quite saturated with bands, and the sound can often fall into a repetitive cycle, causing one to lose interest or not allow the music to hit as hard as it should. FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, however, have the perfect cure for this. By adding more atmospheric elements into their ferocity, they manage to create a whole new sound on The Great Collapse, blasting to the forefront of the genre.

The Great Collapse is a perfect example of a band taking control of themselves, and going all-out into their influences and what makes them passionate about their art.  Allowing themselves to roam free outside of their original genre has brought forth an album which could well be a strong contender for the album of 2017.  The inclusion of little nods towards post-rock and other influences, while still creating a relentless belter of a record, have given FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY a new burst of strength, and it’s more than present in this record. FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY are a testament to the development of a band over time, and other bands should look upon these guys for inspiration to do their own thing, and just enjoy creating what you love. If you’re looking for an introduction into more ‘modern’ deathcore that doesn’t hold back on incorporating outside influences, The Great Collapse is something you need to buy when it drops on March 17th.

Rating: 10/10

The Great Collapse - Fit For An Autopsy

The Great Collapse is set for release on March 17th via Long Branch Records.

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