ALBUM REVIEW: The Parts We Save – Heel

WORDS: Laura McCarthy

Coming straight into the scene with optimistic sounds and good dynamics, this is a strange fusion of music many might not have heard in a while. High praise off the bat for vocalist Margarita for bringing something of the deeper, grounded vocals of THE RUNAWAYS, and HOLE.

An Apology feels something between hard and heavy, which is never a bad thing, and leaves the room for you to revisit the track and try to figure out exactly where you want to compartmentalise this song. A promising start. Here we move into Selfish Burn. There is nothing hugely original here, the beat is nice and the guitar work solid, but there’s no hook that draws you in in either verse or chorus. Very much a track that might grow, it’s not unpleasant to listen to and is over quicker than you would like.

Yellow and Bliss falls into the same trap as the track previously, passing off the same beat and sensibility as before as new. However, there is some lovely vocal layering. This band hinges on the strength of Margarita’s vocals, though perhaps the lyrical material could be stronger in parts. However, this is a good song and still worth listening, and easy to see why the band are releasing this as the second single. Things change up a bit towards the end of the song, with some unusual effects through the guitar work, which goes to its merit. Bopping around the corner is next track Nothing New, which is once again a big hitting pop punk style track that has some nice riffs, but that is otherwise a little hit and miss. In much the same way Shatter has a good, positive feeling when you listen. Some of these songs feel a little aged, in regards to their sound, but it’s a sound from a time many member as being full of good, uplifting bands and easy going sensibilities. Cool is actually very honest, opening in mellowed acoustics and lighter vocals before springing into the more punk filled vibes we are fast becoming used to on this album.

Things get a little more heated with Keep Running Back To Me, the energy is up and the track has, dare I say it, a sexy, edgy overtone. It’s a lot of fun and one that will have many a girl in the crowd at local gigs writhing and thrashing like some little minx. A little less happy go lucky, this track is still lots of fun, but pulls influence from the harder side of rock and punk culture. Live Forever, is once again a track filled with soaring vocals, pleasant drum beats and some understated guitar work. Nothing too complicated, but that is not what this band seems to be about. It’s fun, poppy, playful music. While it might be suited to a more youthful audience. Unfortunately Fake Love is a little too juvenile in its subject matter to add much more to the record at this point. Streets Full of You is another stripped down, slower, and more emotionally open track. The relatability of this band depends on whether you fall into the sentimental or the enthusiastic side of the pop punk listenership, and while it’s all very much a whirlwind of power chords, frantic 4/4 drums and wailing vocals, this is a solid effort.

A record made for the soul purpose of having a good time, this is one to check out if you feel nostalgic for a time when everyone wore flannel shirts and had very floppy hair. It’s an album with pop punk sensibilities that many of fans of WEEZER and PARAMORE of old will appreciate.

Rating: 6/10

The Parts We Save is out March 4th 2016