Anciients release new track and album details

Canadian hard rock band ANCIIENTS have released the first track, Following the Voice, off of their upcoming album titled Voice of the Void. The album will be released October 14.

Check out Following the Voice via the following media partner Terrorizer.

Guitarist and vocalist Kenny Paul Cook commented on the new album: 

“The new ANCIIENTS record is titled Voice of the Void and somewhat of a step in a new direction lyrically and musically. I think, it still has the sound we developed on Heart of Oak, but the riffs are a lot heavier at times and the lyrics are far more cynical and dark. With all of the chaos happening on this planet as of late it seems as though things will get worse before they get better, and that kind of embodies the theme of this album as a whole. Jessie Gander did a great job capturing the music and his production far surpassed our expectations. The first new song out, Following the Voice is about struggles with inner demons that many people face. Knowing what the right thing to do is, but not listening to your conscience and choosing the path that is best for yourself, but harms others in process. It is about following the evil voice in your head as opposed to the voice of reason.”

The track-listing and artwork for Voice of the Void is below:

1. Following the Voice
2. Buried in Sand
3. Worshipper
4. Pentacle
5. Descending
6. Ibex Eye
7. My Home, My Gallows
8. Serpents
9. Incantations

Voice of the Void comes after their 2013 album Heart Of Oak and has been said not to disappoint, answering every question left, and playing every note fans were left wanting. The new songs are a slight move away from their debut album to create something more unique to ANCIIENTS, whilst holding onto the beautifully dark undertones within intoxicating song-writing found on Heart Of Oak. The new album features alternating grim growls and clean singing, the intensity and placement has been experimented with and perfected to compliment the energy of the album.

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