As Paradise Falls release new music video for ‘Star Blind’

Australian metallers AS PARADISE FALLS have released a brand new music video!

The new music video, for the track Star Blind, is taken from the band’s forthcoming album, Digital Ritual, which is slated for release this summer. The upcoming album is the first they will release since the tragic death of guitarist Glen Barrie in 2015. Speaking about the new track, the band comments, Originally we started recording the album in November 2015 and in the last week of our time sadly our guitarist Glen Barrie passed away in his sleep due to a sleep disorder, Sleep Apnoea. We took a little time to sort ourselves out and due to personal issues we separated with our vocalist. We then recouped and we were joined by Jimmy Upson on guitar and our new vocalist Shaun Coar joined where we recorded his vocals in a Brisbane Studio with Adam Merker. Whilst he was finishing his duties filling in on tour throughout USA & Europe with Aussie band FEED HER TO THE SHARKS, we went back to Bangkok to add in these vocals and mix and master the album with Shane in October 2016. So this album is of huge significance to us and we’re more than happy to talk about Glen and promote this release as a celebration of his life and something his son can remember him by when he is old enough! The song Star Blind is meant to explore the culture of celebrity in western society. In recent years, thanks to the advent of social media, the traditional model of what “famous” is or was has changed by epidemic proportions. The idea of fame hasn’t always been seen as such a high goal to so many people. But what was a sometimes blurry line between fame and infamy is now pretty indistinguishable by people who seek validation in a world where it’s so hard to find value in themselves. In the current modern digital culture, We need to value substance more than ever.”

Watch the official music video for Star Blind here:

Digital Ritual is set for release in summer 2017 via self-release.

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