Death Alley release new music video for ‘Murder Your Dreams’

DEATH ALLEY have released a brand new music video!

The music video, for the track Murder Your Dreams, is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Superbia, which is set for release in March. Speaking about the song, the band says, “Murder Your Dreams shows a side of our musicality that was always there but never revealed itself in our music before. Just when we needed it, The Wipers came knocking and we crushed them to bits. A bittersweet taste of Superbia in its most compact form.” Explaining the music video, director Luuk Bouwman says, “the video is based on chase and falling dreams – which I felt would fit well with the song. I remembered a great scene in the Nightmare on Elmstreet series in which the characters are stuck in a loop. So I wanted to create a nightmare-like slapstick in which the protagonist is condemned to keep falling, eternally. I was already joking that it was an autobiographical story and, as if it was an ominous prophecy, a day after finishing the video I fell really hard on a bridge because of black ice. I broke my arm, cheekbone and eye socket. So last week, I was in surgery to reconstruct my face.”

Watch the official music video for Murder Your Dreams here: 

Superbia is set for release on March 23rd via Century Media Records. 

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