Defences release new music video for ‘Let You In’

Alternative metallers DEFENCES have released a brand new music video!

With the band set to release their debut album, With Might and Main, in May, the alternative metallers have released a brand new music video for the track Let You In. Speaking about the track, drummer Kyle Parke says, “with Let You In, we put aside some of our most stadium-rock influences in favour of returning to our metalcore roots, a sentiment reflected in the claustrophobic, disorienting and aggressive music video that accompanies it. The song itself is inspired by the difficulties that can arise when trying to let another person back into your life. This dichotomy shows itself in the contrast between the uplifting and hopeful chorus compared with the despairing and fatalist breakdown section. We also feel that it is a message that applies itself to everyday life outside of relationships, where one can find oneself feeling vulnerable when making life changes regardless of whether they are positive.”

Watch the official music video for Let You In here:

Alongside the release of the new video, you can view the track list and artwork for the upcoming album, both of which are available to view below:

Track List:

1. Re-Emerge
2. The Takeoff
3. Two Steps Back
4. Grow
5. Let You In
6. Scared
7. Gravity
8. Oh Stranger
9. Losing Time
10. Beneath The Surface
11. Alleviate
12. Shanghai
13. Might and Main

With Might and Main - Defences

With Might and Main is set for release on May 26th.

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