EP REVIEW: 40826D – Veridian

British alternative rockers VERIDIAN only formed in 2016, but have been busy releasing singles, playing both Glastonbury Festival and a sell out show in London, and being played on Kerrang!. It’s now time for 40826D, their debut EP.

Headlights kicks off the album with the explosive line “You hear me talking to demons”, swiftly followed by a determined drum beat, and upbeat guitar riffs that inspires your move and dance along. The lyrics discuss antics from the previous night bringing to mind teenage years. VERIDIAN have been extremely effective in using the guitar riffs to build the suspense and ominous atmosphere of the song in the instrumental section two thirds of the way through. Their overall sound is reminiscent of YOU ME AT SIX with a lyrical content similar to MAYDAY PARADE.

Sleep A Little Better is a gentler track, showcasing Simon Jackman’s vocal range, and shows off how well paired his voice is to the fast paced guitar riffs, or the slower, intricate sections. It also demonstrates how their sound has grown from the singles released previously; the vocals have become more confident and sound more natural as a result, and musically the songs are stronger, more honest and impulsive.

Follow picks the pace back up, and focuses on the repeated refrain: “Actions speak louder than words” that, after one listen, you will be singing along. Follow is about love, “I will follow you into the dark” and all the things the singer will do for his love. It’s like a more innocent, less-grungy version of BRING ME THE HORIZON’s Happy Song.

Next comes Ink,  which best highlights how pleasant VERIDIAN’s can be: gentle rises and falls in tone, enthusiastic drum beats, and emotional lyrics all combine to create a song that you can’t stop listening to, and leaves you wanting more. Ink is the most emotionally raw song on the EP, discussing the temporary state of life and love, and how “there’s something special, knowing this won’t last forever”. It also inspires memories of childhood crushes and drawing on ones hand which is temporary, opposed to the adult alternative of tattoos. So They Say starts off slower, with more focus on the carefully articulated words, with a strong drum beat keeping the tempo, then alternates between a slower and faster pace. VERIDIAN have varied the EP throughout, boldly showing their different sounds, which works in their favour to keep hold the listeners interest. It’s a nice way to end the EP.

This doesn’t sound like a debut EP, rather the polished work of a more established band who’s found their sound. It’s clear they’ve seen what works in the industry and taken it from there. Whilst not anything revolutionary, VERIDIAN have created an EP that fits well within the current pop-punk and alternative rock catalogue. Now they’ve adhered to the current conventions, they may decide to make their own rules for future material.

Rating: 8/10

40826D - Veridian

40826D is set for release on May 12th via Primordial Records.

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