EP REVIEW: Keep The Coffins Coming – Frank Iero and the Patience

For a long time Frank Iero has been one of the many hearts of rock and this year he is back with his current project FRANK IERO AND THE PATIENCE a brand new EP, Keep The Coffins Coming. Speaking about the EP, Iero said that this EP is the missing link between Stomachaches and Parachutes and it is everything he wanted it to be.

The opener on the EP is a familiar song to FRANK IERO AND THE PATIENCE fans, I’m A Mess is the angry and chaotic song from Iero’s second album, Parachutes. Despite already behind heard the track is tweaked slightly and sounds a lot neater production wise and it’s a lot less crazy than the Parachutes version but it certainly sets an explosive intro for this EP.

BFF is rough around the edges but makes for pleasant listening, the track has been sneaking around for a few years and is an indication of his friendship with his children. It’s a bit more of a simplistic and repetitive song but it’s sweet and such an easy listen. It’s a stunning addition to the EP and brings the tone down a bit from I’m A Mess.

No Fun Club is a one minute and 34 seconds of absolute chaos. It picks up from where I’m A Mess left and it’s definitely shooting off toward the more punk style. It’s certainly angsty and it oozes with constant punches throughout, taking away the vulnerability that BFF left you with. FRANK IERO AND THE PATIENCE slows down with the last track on the EP with a cover of You Are My Sunshine. It’s certainly a brilliant cover but it shows that the placement of the tracks just didn’t make you feel like you were delivered anything solid and leaves you expecting more.

The craftmanship of the EP cannot be flawed as whilst it’s raw and punchy, it’s just as gentle and that takes skill. Keep The Coffins Coming may not be the EP that will break boundaries this year and perhaps something new could have been done as opposed to what has been heard before but it does show why FRANK IERO AND THE PATIENCE are a much loved band.

Rating: 7/10


Keep The Coffins Coming - Frank Iero and the Patience

Keep The Coffins Coming is out now via Hassle Records.


Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.