EP REVIEW: Sidewinder – Stand Atlantic

Australian trio STAND ATLANTIC entered the studio towards the end of last year to create their new EP, Sidewinder. The pop-punk trio are Bonnie Fraser on vocals and guitar, David Potter on bass, and Jonno Panichi on drums.

Title track Sidewinder opens the show; Fraser’s vocals are slow and deliberate, singing love-driven lyrics, discussing the need to be open to our differences. The song shows off STAND ATLANTIC‘s talents in both song writing and performing, as they build and fall through the song, as well as giving a great introduction to the EP. Sidewinder was the second single released along with a heart-wrenching music video, the sidewinder snake also features on some of their merch.

Up-beat melodies, and a catchy chorus make up the next song, Mess I Made. It’s anthemic and straightforward but well executed and effective. The lyrics are honest and bursting full of raw emotion, while the guitars and drums are melodic and punchy. These attributes continue into Push, which discusses a bad relationship, and how someone can get stuck in your head. Starting slow, it develops into a fast paced track complete with ‘woah’ to break up the lyrics and it explodes into a powerful chorus, were the trio hold nothing back. Potter’s chugging bass backs up the vocals, and Panichi brings it all home on drums.

Coffee At Midnight is the tale of coming to terms with a relationship ending, even though you might not want it to end. The heart break is raw and honest, “I’ll keep pretending like everything’s fine”. It was the first single release, also with a music video which explores the couple’s relationship, the ups and down which result in coffee. With a very catchy melody, passionate and memorable lyrics , it is arguably the strongest song on the EP, and a fantastic choice for the first single. Chemicals is the end of the journey, we’ve had the heartbreak and difficult  break-ups, now we’ve healed to the point of “I’m too busy feeling alright, I don’t owe you anything”. The song is sung with PARAMORE style defiance and strength. It’s a good end to the EP, rounding it all up and bringing it to a conclusion.

It has been suggested that STAND ATLANTIC might be the next big band, and its clear to see why. Their passionate lyrics and catchy melodies have been well put together; every second of music is filled to capacity with emotion and talent, and sounds far bigger than the three members.

Rating: 8/10

Sidewinder - Stand Atlantic

Sidewinder is set for release on September 15th via Rude Records.

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