EP REVIEW: State of Mind – Greyhaven

Having started in 2014, GREYHAVEN are still incredibly new to the scene but this EP is a good indication of what’s to come. It comes just a year after their first EP, The Flood, to The six-track EP, accompanied by two clean versions, is a strong start for the band, and one which will gain them a clear fan base. The London rockers have defined themselves as alternative or modern rock, it feels as if this may change as they develop into their music over a few albums.Sinners, a short track at 1.07, kicks off the album with some gentle melodies that serve to whet the appetite of their listeners. It is a really effective opening, not jumping straight into guttural tones or heavy beats as some bands do, but a gentle build up. This then slips smoothly into Hexes which features a heavier tone, savage lyrics, and some incredible energy. It would be easy to mistake Sinners and Hexes as one track the transition is so clean, despite the change in tone. This gentler sound isn’t forgotten, however, reappearing throughout Hexes giving the track a multilevel sound. An unusual tactic, but one that is extremely effective.

Darkest Hour starts with Sam Paterson’s vocals accompanied by guitar, which then drop into growls, a pattern followed throughout the song. The sound is reminiscent of many American pop punk bands, for example, SET YOUR GOALS with hints of metalcore in the growls. The refrain ‘Where were you in my darkest hour?’ is one that stands out and sticks in the mind after the song has finished, an important quality of any song, especially one from a young band such as GREYHAVEN, is that it stays with fans.

On & On is the fourth track on the EP, and continues the theme set out by the previous tracks. Jumping in with a distinctive guitar riff, Sam Peterson’s clean vocals then take over. This pattern alternates throughout the track, with the occasional growls. Our Stand is another track with lines and phrases repeated without, something bands can be criticised for, however, they contribute to the easy listening factor GREYHAVEN have created. This isn’t a band that’ll get you riled up, this is a band you stick on when in a good mood, and want something to sing along to. For this purpose, they undoubtedly succeed.

Brother is the final track, and it’s a good choice to end on. The sound in this track, especially the vocals, is very reminiscent of MAYDAY PARADE, without being too similar to be boring or repetitive.

There’s something very honest about this EP, the songs are a mixture of traditional, accepted musical styles, experimentation with intertwining these various sounds, and proving what this London quintet can do. It is a shame the EP is only six tracks long as they are all good quality, enjoyable songs. It will be interesting to see what this band grows into.

Rating: 7/10

Greyhaven - State of Mind
State of Mind is out now via Outsider Records

For more information like GREYHAVEN’s official page on Facebook.