EP REVIEW: The Horrific Case Of Bloody Hammers – Bloody Hammers

Back with a brand new EP, BLOODY HAMMERS are set to release The Horrific Case of Bloody Hammers, with the Transylvanian group remaining with Napalm Records. The self-labelled horror sleaze rock trio only released Lovely Sort of Death last year, and the upcoming record is their fifth studio release.

The new EP features just six tracks, which for any new listeners is enough to give you a taste of the band and their style. It opens with Gates of Hell, which almost immediately features hard hitting riffs that you’d expect to hear from thrash metal – the sound very similar to that of TESTAMENT. The vocals on the other hand are the complete opposite to thrash; frontman Anders Manga manages to deliver vocals which are a mix of MARILYN MANSON and Serj Tankian of SYSTEM OF A DOWN, which helps to give that horror feel to it.

When it comes to the horror effect though, the second track Blood certainly creates that very well. The intro contains a big emphasis on the organs, with Devallia using them as a bit of a throwback to classic horror films like Dracula – which makes perfect sense given that BLOODY HAMMERS hail from Transylvania. While the first track was very similar to thrash, this track is much lighter in comparison, containing elements of doom.

There is a lot of crossing between genres throughout the EP, but the band manage to make it work well for them overall, as combined it cements their horror theme very well. The first two tracks are possibly the best on the record, though the other four are still solid tracks.

Overall The Horrific Case of Bloody Hammers is a decent effort from BLOODY HAMMERS. They’re a band which are unique, something you don’t see much of these days in modern music, and the sound is generally very good. Definitely worth checking out!

Rating: 7/10

The Horrific Case of Bloody Hammers - Bloody Hammers

The Horrific Case of Bloody Hammers is set for release on July 14th via Napalm Records.

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