EP REVIEW: The Walls Will Fall – Terror

When it comes to meat and potatoes hardcore, few bands do it quite as well as TERROR. Adored by their fans and easily one of the most respected bands in their scene, TERROR have specialised in delivering the best sort of chest beating hardcore for 15 years. The Walls Will Fall is their first release since moving to Pure Noise Records and the good news for fans is that this move hasn’t changed a thing.

The Walls Will Fall will feel immediately familiar to anyone who has listened to TERROR before. This is a band who know exactly what they do and they do it well. Over five songs they stick to what they do best and deliver nine minutes of pure aggression. Each song feels specifically written to just get pits started live. The album draws heavily from 90’s New York hardcore, particularly on opening track Balance The Odds. The way it opens with a riff perfect for getting audiences to bounce before picking up the pace and going into a riff that will no doubt have audiences two stepping along. If the NYHC influences wasn’t clear enough here, the EP closes with a MADBALL cover.

Scott Vogel‘s vocal performance is where most of the aggression comes from. No Love Lost has him spitting venom and is easily the angriest moment on the EP. The rest of the band all do a good job as well with every riff being a guaranteed pit starter. The EP’s biggest weakness is that it doesn’t do anything new, but TERROR are one of those bands who are so good at what they do that it’s unlikely anyone would want them to change. This also means that the EP is unlikely to appeal to anyone who isn’t already a fan. And it’s over so quickly that it never gets repetitive.

The Walls Will Fall is another solid release from TERROR. The band live and breath hardcore and that isn’t likely to ever change. It might not do anything to pull in new fans, but die hards will no doubt love every second of this EP.

Rating: 7/10

The Walls Will Fall - Terror

The Walls Will Fall is set for release on April 28th via Pure Noise Records.

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