Fear Factory reveal new track off of Genexus!


Image via FEAR FACTORY‘s facebook page

FEAR FACTORY have revealed new track Dielectric off of upcoming album Genexus, which is due out next month.

They’ve already teased us by previously releasing Promotech and Soulhacker from the album and now with just over two weeks until Genexus is released via Nuclear Blast, FEAR FACTORY have uploaded Dielectric to the Nuclear Blast youtube page.

The artwork is another digitally awesome creation from Anthony Clarkson, who also handled the artwork for FEAR FACTORY‘s 2010 release, Mechanize, and their 2012 release,  The Industrialist. Genexus was produced by another longtime collaborator to the band – Rhys Fulber.

Speaking of the inspiration behind calling the album, vocalist Burton C. Bell said this ; ”The word ‘genexus’ is a hybrid of two words: ‘genesis’ and ‘nexus. This word describes the next transition in human evolution as man moves forward to a ‘mechanical’ state of being. Ray Kurzweil predicts that the singularity will occur around 2045. ” is the term for that next evolutionary process. Where humans are machines, machines are human, and the differences are oblivious to the naked eye.”

FEAR FACTORY are currently on tour in the US and will be making their way to the UK in December for a few dates as follows

December 7 2015 – Motion Bristol, England
December 9 2015 Ritz Manchester, England
December 10 2015 Academy Dublin, Ireland
December 11 2015 Limelight Belfast, Northern Ireland
December 12 2015 The Garage Glasgow, Scotland
December 13 2015 The Forum London, England

GENEXUS tracklist :

1. Autonomous Combat System
2. Anodized
3. Dielectric
4. Soul Hacker
5. Protomech
6. Genexus
7. Church Of Execution
8. Regenerate
9. Battle For Utopia
10. Expiration Date
11. Mandatory Sacrifice (Genexus Remix)
12. Enhanced Reality