This year, 2000 Trees has one hell of a line up despite being an extremely intimate festival at 5,000 people capacity. The line up includes many of the bands who played this year’s Slam Dunk Festival and a few from Download, although hopefully Upcote Farm will remain slightly drier for the event! In preparation for the festival, we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest bands playing, with an introduction to each to create your ultimate guide to the festival.




Headlining on Thursday are the one and only THE BRONX. The American hardcore punk band is not as traditional as it may seem with four synonymous albums, all called The Bronx, and a mariachi alter ego called MARIACHI EL BRONX (which won’t be performing this year). This will be one of the first shows played after the departure of drummer and founding member Jorma Vik.


Also on the bill are Scottish indie band WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS, made up of four friends from Edinburgh. They’ve described BIFFY CLYRO’s earlier style as an influence on their musical choices and sound. The accented singing and energetic rhymes are popular among the crowds, and label mates FRIGHTENED RABBIT, with whom their sound is regularly compared and deemed similar.


Essex born Jay McAllister, stage name BEANS ON TOAST, is also set to perform at 2000 Trees this summer. His folk rock style has proved popular with fans all over the country, to the extent that he has become the regular opening act for Glastonbury Festival. Like many artists before, and without a doubt after him, BEANS ON TOAST uses music to protest certain issues in the world, big and small, but approaches them in a light-hearted and approachable manner. Sure to be an entertaining performance, and not one to miss.


The female fronted British quartet, MILK TEETH, known for their punk rock vibe are sure to have an impact on the crowds with unforgettable songs like Brain Food and Melon Blade. They are often described as being a band of nostalgia with songs that bring back fond memories of GREEN DAY and AVRIL LAVIGNE. Hailing from Bristol, this local festival is sure to draw a large crowd, especially considering their new album, Vile Child, released in January.



The English singer-song writer ROB LYNCH, formerly known as LOST ON CAMPUS, creates a mix of alternative and indie rock, with a splash of folk music thrown in, the perfect performance to see in a field with a cider in your hand. This year represents his tenth anniversary of producing music and earlier this year he performed at Slam Dunk Festival on the Acoustic Stage.




The Glaswegian alternative rockers TWIN ATLANTIC are set to headline on Friday night with an alternative/powerpop fuelled set. They are best known for their singles Heart and Soul and Brothers and Sisters, but have recently released two tracks from their upcoming album GLA which are Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator and No Sleep, the excitement from fans about the upcoming album is sure to cause a good crowd. Unfortunately, they have had to cancel a few dates this week due to Sam McTrusty being unwell, hopefully he will be back on form in time for the festival.


The alternative rock quintet MALLORY KNOX are next to play on the Friday. Their rock style has been described as fitting into the established music sound, and they have been compared to YOUNG GUNS due to the elements of indie rock in their music. They are another band on the line up who played Slam Dunk Festival this year, where they were well received. This can only bode well for their upcoming performance!



Next up are the Welsh pop-punk group NECK DEEP. Their sound has been called a combination of bands like GREEN DAY and NEW FOUND GLORY, whilst the band themselves have accredited A DAY TO REMEMBER as being a massive influence on their style and progression as a band. When the band started, in 2012, they were made up of vocalist Ben Barlow and guitarist Lloyd Roberts, but due to their success they have grown to be the five-man strong group they are today.


MOOSE BLOOD are a hardcore-punk band from Canterbury who have made a huge impact on the musical world, despite being only four years into their existence playing Warped Tour in 2015 and, most recently, their song Honey was nominated for Best Track at Kerrang! 2016 awards. Their sound has been stated as being similar to that of BRAND NEW.


Next are the Cambridge based, alternative rock band LONELY THE BRAVE. Zane Lowe has been quoted as saying “They’re a curiosity to a lot of people, but that’s a magic and exciting time. If you’re a fan, hold onto them tightly – If you’re not, you will be”, what more could you possibly need to know? They are another band who have been likened to BIFFY CLYRO, in fact they’ve even supported them on tour earlier this month. Could this be a suggestion of future headliner for the festival?


London punk-rockers COUNTERFEIT are one of the youngest on the line up, having formed in 2015, and as of yet remained unsigned but this hasn’t stopped them forming a strong fan base or touring across the world. Reviews claim that, despite being new to the scene, COUNTERFEIT seem like pros on the stage, delivering a good performance of unrestrained punk energy.



Headlining Saturday is the Swedish hardcore punk band REFUSED. They are known for their non-conformist and political lyrics that take on those issues no one wants to discuss. Since the departure of guitarist Jon Brännström, REFUSED’s sound has changed to be more melodic verses and sit comfortably alongside bands like RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and MUSE. Their lively performance style and experimental rock style means they are popular festival acts and one not to be missed.



WHILE SHE SLEEPS are a British metalcore band hailing from Sheffield who are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year.  Mat Welsh (guitarist) has described their sound as “super heavy but then it’s melodic too” and they have also named REFUSED as an influence, which can be clearly seen through their political lyrics.


The progressive metallers from Hertfordshire are sure to draw crowds with their aggressive riffs and incredible energy on stage. They have been described as similar to KORN and SYSTEM OF A DOWN, but also said to be difficult to fully categorise due to having elements of many genres in their music. This is a great opportunity to see SIKTH play with their new vocalist, Joe Rosser from ALIASES, after Justin’s recent retirement from the band.


THE KING BLUES are a punk rock band with hints of ska and hip hop thrown in. Hailing from London, the punk rockers are known for their outspoken lyrics, which tackle some of the country’s problems with no thought to saving face. They are among good company at the festival this year, being one of several bands who take this lyrical angle. The, self-declared, ‘pissed off’ group are sure to be an entertaining set, and one not to be missed.


Alternative rock group, ARCANE ROOTS, are known for their lively, unforgettable performances, and their set at 2000 Trees should be no different. It has been said their sound incorporates elements of math rock, indie, as well as some progressive vibes to create an interesting and unique blend.



The American progressive rockers are unusual in that they do not have a vocalist, so are completely instrumental. An interesting stylistic choice, but one that’s proving to be popular among fans and will create a change up in the festival line up. Their sound is mostly progressive, but with elements of electronica, and djent thrown in to create an unusual, but impressive sound.


The Southampton based horror punk band have a reputation for energetic performances which leave the audience reeling with excitement. Their give ‘em hell attitude and refusal to bow to expectations are proving a hit combined with their punk/heavy metal sound. They are quickly becoming extremely important in the music scene today, becoming bigger and better with each performance.


Another name in common with the Slam Dunk line up is the fantastic GRUMBLE BEE, which is primarily made up of Jack Bennett and a guitar. His alternative rock style and truly unique singing voice grabs the attention of anybody nearby and only relinquishes it when he’s finished.

2000 Trees Festival - 2016 Lineup

2000 Trees Festival runs from July 7th, 8th and 9th.

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