Immortal working on new songs!


Black metal titans IMMORTAL have revealed that they are writing new material!

Despite the legal issues that arose in 2014 when Abbath filed for trademarking of the IMMORTAL name without informing the other band members.

Since the application was denied and Abbath‘s departure to start his new band, many feared this would be the end for IMMORTAL. However, core members Horgh and Demonaz are continuing the band and are writing new material. In a statement they state:

IMMORTAL never stopped, we just had to go through a long legal process before we could go out in the media with the news. IMMORTAL is much more than just a band, and much more then just a form of music. The departure of one member cannot change that, no matter. We will continue what we believe in, and the power of ”Blashyrkh” shall live on.”

Several of the new songs that will appear on the next album, the first since 2009’s All Shall Fall, have had their titles revealed. Chaos Gods, Called To Ice and Blacker of Worlds will all appear on the next IMMORTAL record.

More information about the upcoming record and the new lineup will be revealed later this year.