INTERVIEW: Andrew Hunt – Buffalo Summer

WORDS: Laura McCarthy

The up and coming BUFFALO SUMMER from Wales are currently touring Europe with their unique style of blues laden Rock n’ Roll. While the guys are currently on an ongoing tour with CROBOT and SCORPION CHILD, vocalist Andrew Hunt answered some questions about the bands approach to the world of live music.

Firstly, how are you enjoying touring?

Andrew: We really enjoy being out on the road.  It’s the best way to interact with your fans and make new ones. Also it takes you to places you wouldn’t normally go too.  You get to meet some wild and wonderful people from all walks of life. Occasionally we get time to visit towns and cities if we get there early. That is definitely one of the coolest parts of touring aside from playing music and meeting new people. Although those days are kind of infrequent, as the majority of each day is spent travelling to the next destination.

What would you say is the best thing about being able to play music for a living?

Andrew: Ultimately it’s what we all love to do. There’s nothing quite like making music with your best friends and then taking it to an audience. When the whole room is rocking it makes the hard work worthwhile.

What’s been the most fun thing that’s happened with the band?

Andrew:Well lots of fun stuff happens on tour but we keep that between ourselves. But as far as shows go, playing the hallowed turf of Download Festival and opening up for Black Sabbath and Soundgarden last year are definitely ticks on the bucket list.

Who would you say has influenced the sound of Buffalo Summer?

Andrew:The sound of the band is rooted in bluesy classic rock. So bands like Led Zep, Free, Deep Purple and The Black Crowes as a few examples. Individually we like a variety of styles of music, and over time the sound of the band has developed. I’m excited for people to hear the new album which comes out in 2016 as I think the sound of the band has moved on and has a slightly harder edge whilst still retaining the feel and melody.

You’re playing with some pretty good bands, have you learnt anything from these more experienced guys?

Andrew:There’s always something new to learn from every band we tour with. Although we’ve been touring for a few years now I’m always interested in how other bands deliver their songs in a live environment. One of the best frontmen I’ve witnessed working a crowd is Whit Crane from Ugly Kid Joe. We’ve toured with those guys a few times and that man has the crowd eating out of his hand.

Apart from the live aspect you quickly learn what to do and sometimes more importantly, what not to do when touring with established acts. 

Touring can be pretty strenuous so I also enjoy talking to the other singers I’m on the road with to swap tips on keeping your voice in shape. I picked up some great things from the guys in Buckcherry about this. At the moment we are on tour with Crobot and Scorpion Child who are both great bands. Brandon [YEAGLEY] from Crobot has a great vocal range and we’ve been discussing some of the bizarre antidotes we use as singers. It’s good fun.

Are there any downsides to being on the road?

Andrew:Yeah for sure. Be prepared for a lack of sleep. In between shows I try to nap in the van to recharge the batteries. The more obvious things are missing family and friends who are at home. I try to keep in touch with people at home on a daily basis as touring puts you into your own, unconventional kind of world. It’s important to retain some normality and focus on what else is going on around you.

The album is really good, was it fun to get that together?

Andrew: Thank you. Yeah the first album was a very natural process. The band started purely over a joint love of bluesy rock. In the beginning when we were jamming we never quite envisioned doing some of the stuff we have done. The new album we’ve written was very much a labour of love. We spent a lot of time writing it and rehashing the songs to make them as good as we could possibly get them.

If you had any advice for new bands trying to break the scene, what would you tell them?

Andrew: Work hard, stay humble and ultimately, have good songs. Just believe in what you do and stick to it with conviction. It is a roller coaster so be prepared for the topsy turvy world of music.

Finally, what do we expect from Buffalo Summer in the future?

Andrew: As I’ve already mentioned, look out for the new album next year. This will be followed by extensive touring. So please keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for touring details and the album release date. Thanks!

Buffalo Summer is available now via Cargo Records