INTERVIEW: The Hyena Kill

Manchester Hard Rock duo THE HYENA KILL are soon to release their debut album ATOMISED. Not long ago, we caught up with Lorna Blundell (drums) and Steve Dobb (guitar/vocals) about crowd funding, touring and what to expect in 2016.

First things first, congratulations on hitting your goal on the Pledge campaign! Is that experience exciting, getting that support?

Steve: Yes its an amazing way to connect with the fans on a much more personal level and to be able to deliver something to them that they have been directly involved in. We have an amazing fanbase.

What was the upside to funding this album yourselves?

Lorna: We’re a really active DIY band and this gives us complete control over the creativity of our music, we have a loyal fan base who helped massively.

Which songs are you most looking forward to people hearing?

Steve: The first single off the album Crosses, its a good combination of everything we’ve been doing over the years, its heavy and melodic.

Lorna: Tongue Tied, because that song does not give a fuck.


The campaign had some very generous offers as rewards, such as one of Lorna’s shirts and some personal time with the two of you – do you enjoy that kind of closeness with fans?

Steve: Definitely. The fans that have stuck with us and helped us grow over the years are amazing. Its always great to hang out with them after the gigs over a few beers.

Lorna: It was a good opportunity to give something back. With my Sabbath tee, I saw alot of bands pledging their clothes on other campaigns and thought it would make a good piece of memorabilia. Plus its my favourite t-shirt so it means more now some one else has it.

You recently toured with the likes of OH CAPTAIN and ODD RIVAL around the country, how have you enjoyed that?

Lorna: Great fun. Played some ace shows with a really good group of friends and amazing bands.

Steve: There was alot of tequilla on that tour.

Do you have any highlights of your time on the road?

Steve: On the last date in Brighton we had a wrestle with OH CAPTAIN at 5am with Michael Jackson blasting out in the back ground.

You’ve played a fair few venues now- if given the option, do you prefer a gig to be more intimate or does the element of space have more appeal?

Steve: It’s always nice to have space on stage and play to a pack out room, but there’s something also really special about playing to a smaller room, different kinds of energy.

Lorna: Both are equally as good, it depends on that particular gig I guess.

You two create some pretty big sounds for such a small set up, what would you say the secret to making that kind noise is?

Steve: Turn everything upto 11 and play with as much passion as possible

Lorna: Get as sweaty on the stage as you can, you know you’ve really gone for it then.

What for you is the best part about being part of THE HYENA KILL?

Lorna: Travelling around whilst hanging out with my best friend, playing gigs all over and making new mates along the way. We love a good music fuelled adventure!

Steve: being able to play loud heavy riffs and scream into a microphone every night of the week whilst my best mate beats the shit out of a drum kit.

For those who are looking to follow in your lead, what would you advise them in terms of making music?

Steve: Practice practice practice and do everything with as much integrity and passion as possible.

Lorna: -and be nice to people, don’t be a wanker.

Once the album is out, what can we expect of The Hyena Kill in 2016?

Steve: Plenty of gigging and touring.

Lorna: We’ll be gigging our arses off up to and after the release of the album.

ATOMISED is released May 16th.