INTERVIEW: Sean Kennedy – Deez Nuts

Having seen a genuine progression in the quality of their output, Australian hardcore troupe DEEZ NUTS are currently preparing to drop their newest offering; Binge & Purgatory. We spoke with bassist Sean Kennedy about returning to New York to not just write, but to record their new album there as well as whether or what DEEZ NUTS want to be remembered for. 

How was your most recent UK tour?

Sean: It was so good! We had an absolute blast. It was just a group of really great friends and I honestly can’t remember the last time I had that much fun whilst on tour. All the shows were sick but it was hanging out after the shows that really made the tour!

Were you at all nervous with following the well-received Word Is Bond?

Sean: We weren’t so much nervous as we just realised that we had to step it up. Word Is Bond was a massive step up for us anyway. After touring that record for a couple of years we all grew up whilst away and we also grew a lot closer as a unit, so we knew that we wanted to step everything up a gear.

Did you want to return to New York in order to recreate the vibe with which you wrote Word Is Bond?

Sean: Yeah absolutely we wanted to go back. Whatever environment we’re in has to be conducive to writing and New York is just that.

Was the New York hardcore scene an influence for Binge & Purgatory?

Sean: Not really, we went into this record knowing exactly what we wanted to do, which is why we could just lock ourselves away fro 12 hours at a time and just write. The city was a big inspiration and was also almost like a homecoming for us. We’re all ridiculously proud of this record though, like I play it at least once a day cause I’m so proud of it.

What does the title Binge & Purgatory mean?

Sean: Urm, I’m not sure how to describe it, JJ (Peters, vocals) came up with it. To me it refers to everything we have been through as a band, y’know, whether that’s an addiction of any kind.

Hardcore and punk are often politically charged genres, but do you think that music can have an actual impact on the world?

Sean: yeah man, absolutely


Sean: ahhh fuck, I’m shit at getting my point across. Music is one of the most powerful things in the world, it effects pretty much everyone. People can believe in music, so if you get something people believe in then yeah, music can definitely change the world.

How would you want DEEZ NUTS to be remembered?

Sean: As a band who did not give a fuck.

With the success of WHILE SHE SLEEPS crowdfunding campaign, do you think this is a sign of the future for bands?

Sean: Yeah, I can see that working. You just cut out the middle man! I don’t know if it will take, but it’s a pretty good idea.

Is It something DEEZ NUTS would ever consider?

Sean: I don’t know, we’ve never had that conversation and no one has ever brought it up. I’m going to remain impartial here [laughs]

Binge & Purgatory is set for release on April 7 via Century Media Records.

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