INTERVIEW: Wayne Lozinak – Hatebreed

Returning back across the pond to headline this years Impericon Festival, HATEBREED have come back after a long absence with a brand spanking new album in tow. Having the chance to sit down with guitarist Wayne Lozinak, we spoke all about recording The Concrete Confessional. 

Last time you were in England was last year for Ghostfest. Now you’re back on tour, how does it feel?

Wayne: Well before this tour we hadn’t actually played a show since November! So it’s the longest that we’ve ever gone without playing a show. Obviously we were in the studio recording the new album. It’s good just to be back anywhere, goo to be back touring.

Does having a new album reinvigorate the band when back on tour?

Wayne: Oh for sure, especially cause we’re already playing two new songs off of it, and they’re the singles that have already been released, so there’s A.D and Looking Down The Barrel of Today. It’s great to play new songs after, like, three years since the last album came out.

Hatebreed live @ Impericon Festival, Manchester. Photo Credit: Christopher Ryan
Hatebreed live @ Impericon Festival, Manchester. Photo Credit: Christopher Ryan

Could you explain the idea behind the title of the new album?

Wayne: I think that’s way more of a Jamey question! It refers to anything that lets you get your aggressions out.

With regards to the recording process, did you try anything new this time round?

Wayne: We pretty much stick to the same formula. We all go into the studio, and we all bring ideas. Chris and Jamey write most of the riffs, so they bring them together and we all piece them together in pre-production and see what sounds good. Then Matt comes in and plays some drums and then we can listen to the riffs at home and see how they sound and change some things around. Then it all just comes together.

The album sounds very refined and harkens back to your older sound. Was that a conscious decision when writing?

Wayne: We actually tried to fuse both sounds. There are some metal riffs that sound almost like SLAYER but we also wanted the aggression back. I think it’s a good combination of both.

How has the writing process developed over the years?

Wayne: We really try not to change the system too much. If we do people complain that we’ve changed our style or sold-out or something, so we try to keep everything similar.

What was the main listening material going into The Concrete Confessional?

Wayne: I wasn’t really listening to anything going into recording. We just got back off tour with a bunch of metal bands so that contributed. We had just got off tour with SLIPKNOT, and before that we were with BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, which is different. We’ll still tour with hardcore bands like AGNOSTIC FRONT and TERROR, but I listen to a lot of metal, so that’s where my playing comes from.

Hatebreed live @ Impericon Festival, Manchester. Photo Credit: Christopher Ryan
Hatebreed live @ Impericon Festival, Manchester. Photo Credit: Christopher Ryan

Being a band with your legacy, do you ever feel pressure to live up to it?

Wayne: That’s why we try not to change anything. We have a good following, we see the same people at every show, in the front row. I just saw the same people at three shows in a row! It’s good.

How do you think The Concrete Confessional compares to your past material?

Wayne: It’s actually my favourite that I’ve played on. Cause I played on Under The Knife and then left for a long time, played a few tracks on To The Lions and then came back on the self-titled. To me, this is my favourite. It’s more aggressive, it’s heavier, and it’s fast and like you said, going back to the old roots whilst combining the newer stuff.

What’s next after the album drops?

Wayne: Relentless touring, like we always do. We have a US tour, so we’re home for four days then we tour with DEVILDRIVER and DEVIL YOU KNOW for the first have then ACT OF DEFIANCE join half way through, so it’s a real metal tour.

The Concrete Confessional is set for release on May 13th via Nuclear Blast Records. You can read our review of the new album here

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