INTRODUCING: aswekeepsearching

ASWEKEEPSEARCHING are possibly one of the most blissfully unique bands around right now. Quite probably a world first, they are a post-rock Hindi band, playing traditional Indian instruments such as sitar and table drums, and the music takes on an unusual edge with its blending of electronic sounds with the more traditional. The effect is a broad soundscape and emotional melodic pieces that are something that feels both fresh, and yet innate.

Forming in 2013, the band hail from Ahmedabad, India, and are comprised of Uddipan Sarmah (vocals/guitar), Shubham Gurung, (guitar/keyboard) Bob Alex (bass) and Gautam Deb (drums). Their latest album, ZIA, was funded all through a Pledgemusic campaign, and exceeded its goals. An ambitious fold of guitars over more unusual instrumental arrangements than Western audiences are used to, ASWEKEEPSEARCHING have projected themselves into stratospheric heights with their most unusual and undeniably evocative music. For those unsure of the more tranquil tracks of ASWEKEEPSEARCHING try looking out for tracks such as Rush, that truly build a cinematic surge that will give you goosebumps.

Similar in vibe to SIGUR ROS, ÓLAFUR ARNALDS and GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT, their unique dynamic of mostly instrumental work with a smattering of gorgeous Hindi vocals makes their work a soaring delight to bring inspiration and joy to any listener. Filled with beautiful progressions, this is both music for the solitary looking to find some much-needed light, or for big spaces, filled with ecstasy and elation.

The band have a unique touring history too; they’ve played across Russia, as well as playing spots at Indian festival Bacardi NH7 Weekenders, and shared the stage with likes of STEVEN WILSON, 65DAYSOFSTATIC and I AM WAITING FOR YOU LAST SUMMER.

To miss out on the scale and scope of this truly one of a kind band would be truly unacceptable. Hands on heart, this is music to fill a void in your life.