INTRODUCING: Buffalo Summer

WORDS: Laura McCarthy

It seems that heavy rock and roll is finding its feel again. Many are finding the fun in the taste of heavy riffs and grooves. Following in the wake of such bands as CROBOT, BUCKCHERRY and BLACKSTONE CHERRY come Welsh Rockers from Neath are BUFFALO SUMMER, who are bringing their own take on rock to the scene.

Comprised of members Jonny Williams (guitar), Andrew Hunt (vocals), Darren King (Bass) and Gareth Hunt (Drums), the boys have been making headways with slots at Download Festival, playing a tour with CROBOT and SCORPION CHILD, and making a solid self-titled first record back in 2013. Having toured and preformed for a few years, the band are on the rise with a new album on the cards for next year. The sound is classic rock with elements of southern rock like LYNARD SKINARD, and edges of DEEP PURPLE and THE BLACK CROWS, this band have their own take on a well-established genre with some pretty heavy hitters.

Their own material is performed with a huge amount of passion and more importantly enthusiasm, proving that this young band have bags of potential and commitment. This is especially important when a band is on the rise, and the guys are approaching their craft the right way; with fun shows that fit right in with their music, confidence in their songs, and learning from the wealth of musicians around them. Going from strength to strength, in both their performances and in their style, BUFFALO SUMMER might be one to keep your eye on in the years to come. While the genre finds itself growing in popularity once more, it’s for sure that BUFFALO SUMMER have a lot to offer and will be a treat for those who discover them before the inevitable blow up.