The UK progressive metal scene has enjoyed it’s best form in recent years. With a scene healthily populated with bands that ooze sheer quality and the success of catered festivals like UK Tech-Fest and ArcTanGent, for bands breaking through now, the competition has never been fiercer. But, display enough quality and the fruitful UK Tech scene will welcome you with open arms. CHIASMATA are one such band who are on the cusp of breaking down the door and really making a name for themselves.

Hailing from Manchester, a city already bolstering excellent bands within the black and thrash metal territories, CHIASMATA are composed of vocalist/bassist Zoe Gale, guitarists Alex Lescionok and Cailum Finnegan and drummer Dom Gilburt, the quarter have created a intricate and expansive soundscape.

With influences ranging from the scene’s heavy hitters such as TESSERACTDEAFHEAVENEXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY and GOJIRA, the sound of the band is expansive and thoroughly moving and will appeal to anyone who enjoys the more expansive sounds within heavy music. So far, the band have only released one track titled Euphoria, but the ten minute epic more than showcases the expansive musical realms CHIASMATA explore. Riffs cascade and crash around you before subtle vocal hooks and atmospheric melodies draw you into an dream-like state. It’s thoroughly enjoyable and showcases a band well worth your attention.

In the five months since the band’s formation, CHIASMATA have quickly begun making a name for themselves. Through the live stage, most notably a supporting slot to tech fan favourite Sarah Longfield, their reputation has been quickly on the rise. And with an EP on the horizon, there is certainly a great deal of hype surrounding this little gem within the UK progressive metal scene.