INTRODUCING: Cleanse The Hive

Launching out of Aberdeen, CLEANSE THE HIVE bring a new talent to the scene. Taking influence from the Death Metal and Metalcore scene, they add a groove that injects a flavour something akin to CANCER BATS or BLEED FROM WITHIN.
Members Callum Hutchinson (vocals), guitarists Jordan Pacitti and Glen McMillan, bass player John Campbell and drummer Greig Hadden came together in 2011, and proceeded to play numerous local festivals, including Wake the Deen (2012), Cadaver Christmas (2013) and Upload Festival (2014). Gritty, but still maintaining a very melodic heart, this is a band that fulfils so many expectations that many bands cannot compete with. For such a new band, they have a sound that stands out and beats true to itself. What’s more impressive is these lads have been juggling many commitments, yet managed to produce a well-rounded sound and complete an impressive round on the local circuit.

With all the big sounds that LAMB OF GOD and MACHINE HEAD produce, CLEANSE THE HIVE also brings in much of the underground scene to its presence, a combination that will please many listeners and newcomers to the music. This is heavy Metal, but with a huge amount of accessibility for those looking for more than your usual metal band. Infusing their passion for playing with some vibrant lyrics, it’s for sure that anyone who catches a show will be in for a performance. Indeed, CLEANSE THE HIVE have spades of originality, but with enough of their inspirations permeated through their sounds for you to feel completely at home listening to their music.

Having played alongside such bands as HEART OF A COWARD and EXIST IMMORTAL, the band look forward to releasing their début EP, titled From The Depths on April 17th. In honour of the record drop, the band are playing their home town venue, Downstairs. All being well there will be more dates for those of us further South to enjoy their raucous energy.