Creating a solid groove metal sound to please the masses, IMPAVIDUS blaze onto the scene from Manchester. The four piece are a storm of funky melodies, a brand of metal that never feels tired, the boys have created within it something unique to themselves.

Having proven that female vocals have a place in metal, the tone of vocalist Michelle Adamson’s voice is smooth and silky where needed, yet shockingly brutal in all the right places, while bringing the right amount of groove overlaying the heavy melodies. The overall vibe you get from this band is something rampant with impressive riffs, and some funky as hell rhythms all tied up with the most sublime vocals. For fans of more experimental bands like GOJIRA, or even NAPALM DEATH, these should be right up your street.

Adding to the vocals in the thicker, more aggressive sounds is Paddy McBride, also on bass, while Chris O’Rourke sets up the rest of the rhythm section on drums and guitarist Gav Smith adds backing vocals. This line-up has produced some solid gigs around the local area, and have recently released their debut, self-titled EP. For a band’s first release, it’s worth checking out – if this is what a band that only started out early 2016, keeping up with what they produce in future is a must.

What’s more, they have been supporting their local scene since the start, proving that working together to bring forward a loyal community will always triumph. Truly, IMPAVIDUS are melodic, thrash filled, groove leaden, unapologetic metal that takes great pleasure in subverting your expectations. This is a band that has put in the work, and it really shows in their performances both on record and live. IMPAVIDUS are a breath of fresh air, paradoxically bringing in burning intensity with their music.