It’s not often that a band appears like a novelty, only to actually be not only very good musicians but pretty informative too! However, THE MEN THAT WILL NOT BE BLAMED FOR NOTHING, prove that it’s possible to master all these traits.

Describing themselves Anachro-punk, they are something of a historical, Steampunkesque band of bro’s, with particular emphasis on the Punk. It’s energetic, archaeologically inspired songs that are actually hilarious, and trully well played!

In case you were wondering, the band is made up of Andrew O’Neill, (guitar/vocals), Gerhard ‘Andy’ Heintz (vocals), Mark Burrows (bass/vocals) and Jess Miller (drums) and they herald from London. Hence, you can image the cockney twang, colloquial lyrics and overall Jack-the-Lad attitude lends itself excellently to the content of the songs themselves. More often the music is inspired by Victorian themes, from engineers like Isambard Kingdom Brunel, to the likes of Gin drinking.

It’s also the attitude of TMTWNBBFN that makes them so memorable. Their reason for forming such a band is simply “No-one else was doing this. So we decided we would”. Simple, but fair. They also have a pretty unbelievable named first album, originally named Now That’s What I Call Steampunk- Vol.1 that has since been renamed after a dispute with EMI. Hence, the album is The Steampunk Album That Cannot Be Named For Legal Reasons. You can bet with examples of their good humour at such, that shows are a riot.

For those interested in such a niche of the Punk scene, then there are also two others, so there’s more than enough material to get through. Plus, they also wowed crowds at both Camden Rocks and Download Festivals this year, so you can bet you’ll find them at a show sometime soon.

Trully, THE MEN WHO WILL NOT BE BLAMED FOR NOTHING are unique in their efforts, and after three albums of rip-roaring good fun and enthusiastically entertaining Punk, they’ve tailored themselves an outfit that’s wholly their own.