If there was ever a name that summarised a band, it would be THE NEW BREED. Heralding from Cheshire, the four piece create some truly loud, unabashed Rock and Roll. There’s a sense of the old school groove and blues in there, but by Christ, this is the freshest and feistiest form of Rock music to hit the scene in a long time.

Incorporating elements of LED ZEPPELIN, AC/DC and RIVAL SONS it’s great to hear what made good old fashioned Rock great is alive and ready to kick some doors down. The band consists of J Michael Ward (Vocals), David MacBryde (Guitar), Joe Wilcock (Bass), Tom Mckay (guitar), Mike Whitmore (Drums), all of whom come together and create some truly amazing live music. However, when going to their gigs, do not take this band lightly; they can play hard and man alive, do they play loud.

THE NEW BREED bring in something that feels familiar back to the world of music, this is the big sound and the big, good-time attitudes that have been missing from Rock and Roll for a long time. Coming with their first release, the self-titled EP, it feels like these boys have been doing this for decades longer than they’ve even been alive. The music is tight, heavy and a hell of a lot of fun. If you like your music groovy, bluesy, with some amazing riffs and a band with bags of heart and enthusiasm, as well as the character and unbelievably good sound to go with that, then you just might have found your new favourite band.

THE NEW BREED are taking the classic big sounds of bands like THE ROLLING STONES and GUNS AND ROSES, turning them over and starting again, bringing that same sense of huge enjoyment as well as great musicianship back into the scene. There’s hugely impressive playing all over the place, the definitive sound of Rock music, and yet it is being re-discovered and reshaped in the form of THE NEW BREED. A testament to their inspirations and yet still a brand new force to be reckoned with, these boys are holding up the flag for the newest wave of Rock, with rapturous effect.