Starting out back in 2008, NEW DEVICE is a London rock band consisting of members Daniel Leigh, Roz Ison, Matt Mallery, Nick Hughes. Together they have brought forward fun loving and easily accessible music that fans of any ilk or creed can appreciate.

Musically, the band have proven that putting in the time and energy will get you places. In no time at all, NEW DEVICE have literally come out of nowhere and yet made huge leaps and bounds in their career. Very quickly they had their debut album Takin’ Over released in 2009 and their hard work and effort saw them playing in some of the most notable festivals, not least Sonisphere and Download. In addition to that, NEW DEVICE have also supported some pretty notable names in the past, including BON JOVI, BACKYARD BABIES and H.E.A.T.

2013 was when things really turned up for NEW DEVICE, with their countless radio and TV slots. If you’re inclined to see just what was the turning point for this band, the guys sight the singles Save Your Life and Here We Stand as the most pivotal songs at that time. It’s easy to see the boys’ progression over the years, honing in their ideas and musical style, which is somewhere between YOUNG GUNS and MAYDAY PARADE. With their impressive goals and catchy musical output, the band decided on yet another challenge. Not content with creating a style and high energy shows, the boys decided to put out four interlinking albums in the coming year. Their live album Takin’ Over London was the first instalment of this quartet of albums, and their latest Devils On The Run is just at catchy an ear-worm filled effort as ever before. While the boys have just finished a UK tour, which went down a storm with those who’ve been smart enough to see them perform. But for those who might have missed that, you can still catch them at Fortfest at the end of September, by which time you’ll be able to pick up their new album and set yourselves up for a good time with NEW DEVICE.

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