INTRODUCING: A Night In The Abyss


Having formed in 2011, A NIGHT IN THE ABYSS vocalist Josh Hillier and bass player Reuben Bescoby configured new ways to remove themselves from the mediocre, finding Chris Homer and Jack Higgs on guitar in 2013, and the final introduction of Adam Lewes on drums last year. Having originated as a Deathcore band, the guys decided to encompass various musical styles to create a unique experience.
While the band take an interest in other behemoths such as ABORTED, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and SEPTIC FLESH, there is influence from more cinematic elements, as well as the more experimental sound that comes from Technical Death Metal. Vocally, the focus comes from a very dark place, evoking some deep untouched evil in your soul. The beats are nasty, the riffs are laced with spiking malice, and the overall effect is deliciously abominable.


Interested in the more symphonic elements of Black Metal, the unrelenting edge of Death Metal and Tech Death, the band have taken their sound to more than just simple songs. This is a band that takes the darkness to a murkier shade of black, a force to brace yourselves against and to revel in.

Their first release last year was the EP Theophagy, which encompassed the melodic elements of orchestrated music as well as the high energy and the malevolent, it’s an impressive first outing. However, the momentum has not stilled these boys, as after signing to Hallowed Records at the end of 2015, the Brighton band announced their debut album will be available in the Spring of 2016. While you await this onslaught of crushing atmosphere and brutal playing, keep your eyes open for their live shows, which will no doubt be announced in the coming months. One event to certainly mark this band’s worth is their upcoming attendance at Tech Fest in July, where ANITA play in the company of such bands as NOVELISTS, TEXTURES and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME to name but a few.

With such a momentous introduction to the world of Metal, you can’t help marvelling at what A NIGHT IN THE ABYSS will do next. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be twisted, atmospheric and maniacal.