Currently the British rock scene is teeming with bands teetering on the precipice of greatness and a shining example of this is Bristol’s own PHOXJAW. Consisting of vocalist/bassist Danny Garland, guitarists Josh Gallop and Glenn Hawkins, drummer Kieran Gallop and keyboardist Huw Allen the grunge rock outfit hope to follow the success of bands like FIZZY BLOOD and BLOOD YOUTH with their sharp riffs and punchy tones.

Forming in 2016 the band has released a dual track single including Victorian Dolls and Spin Club and most recently the band have unleashed the energetic frenzy entitled Lottery.

Considering they are in their infancy the five piece have already caught the attention of Kerrang and Scuzz TV personnel including their air time debut of the aforementioned Lottery. PHOXJAW are not your average rock act, they provide plentiful bouts of melody but aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty delving into intense bursts of distorted rage and if they can maintain this level of vigour the future could be very bright indeed.