In the last five years, the progressive metal scene has exploded in the UK. With festivals such as Tech Fest and bands cropping up around the country and rising to popularity, the competition has increased tenfold. Manchester’s PROGNOSIS are the latest band to cause a rumbling in the underground and quite rightly so, as there is an air of originality about the four piece breathing fresh air into a congested progressive metal population.

Comprised of Danny Daemon [bass & vocals]Phil Weller [guitar & vocals]Christian Hickson [guitar] and Dan Webster [drums] the quartet already have a tight sound as a band. This is surprising as PROGNOSIS were only formed in 2015, and the rapid charge of the progressive outfit proves testament to their uncanny ability of writing solid songs. And whilst the band are branded under the banner of progressive metal, the range and compositions of the band extend much further than what one would normally categorise into one genre. Free from the restraints of sub-genre categorisation, PROGNOSIS‘ sonic assault is fresh and utterly mesmerising and as Phil Weller explains, their labelling of ‘progressive’ extends in their aim to create songs that are both ambitious and experimental. “We define ourselves as a progressive metal band, but, while we do experiment with time signatures and have some pretty long songs, we are more a progressive band in our drive to create songs that are ambitious, different and adventurous as opposed to an out-and-out prog band like YES or KING CRIMSON. As a collective there is a lot going on in terms of influences and the kind of places we draw our ideas from, so that means that is a lot of styles going on, from thrash and groove metal to prog and good old fashioned rock n’ roll. We want to write songs that you can’t predict where they are going and put a lot of thought into each musical passage, we like to write very detailed, nuanced music while always having those killer hooks and choruses that are the icing on the cake.” 

The band currently has one EP under their belt, Volume 1: Ghost, and following a good run in the annual Metal 2 The Masses competition, PROGNOSIS are looking ahead to the future. Recently, the band released Drones as a single, a track that has been a staple to their live set for some time now. Looking ahead, you get the feeling that the closing months of 2016 and next year will be the year PROGNOSIS really make a punch in the progressive metal scene and judging by what Danny Daemon says, fans have a lot to look forward to. “We are really happy that Drones has had a lot of good reception. 2016 holds lots of exciting stuff for fans of PROGNOSIS; we are looking to record a song called Waste, one which we play live, a new recording of the The Sycophant, and one more to create a brutal three song EP. This will act as a warm up to our first album next year. We have new t-shirts and other merch on the cards and some killer support shows, with PHIL CAMPBELL and ONSLAUGHT to name a few.”

Plenty to look forward to then. If the Manchester outfit can keep up the momentum, then surely PROGNOSIS will become a force to be reckoned with. With a headline show at Rebellion in Manchester on November 5th, now is the time to keep both eyes firmly planted on PROGNOSIS.