It can be refreshing to see a female fronted band bloom in the metal scene. SARASVATI are one of these bands. SARASVATI are a Canadian progressive doom metal band that was founded in 2007. Chela Rhea Harper fronts this band (vocals/guitar), alongside Joe Waller (vocals/guitar), Justin Biggs (bass) and Matt Paulazzo (drums) and together they approach this metal genre at a different and interesting angle.

Chela Rhea Harper has been has been knocking about the metal scene for many years, as she is the bassists for WHITE EMPRESS and previously the bassist for THE AWAKENING and the touring bassist for COAL CHAMBER. Very different from Chela’s musical past, SARASVATI fuse ethnic musical influences into progressive doom and master a unique and wonderful sound to accompany Chela Rhea Harper’s enchanting vocals. Furthermore, the juxtaposition between the occasional interludes of harsh and delicate vocals in the music works really well to mix up the tone to deliver a fulfilling listening experience.

SARASVATI have released two EPs, self titled EP, Sarasvati, in 2008 and Entropy in 2013. Each EP delivers something new and introduces instruments you wouldn’t necessarily think would go so well within this genre. SARASVATI are not only interesting to listen to but even their EP artwork is intriguing, as they have used the same face on each EP cover and consequently this leads to curiosity. Soon SARASVATI are set to release their first full length album titled Ashlesha in October 2016 and undoubtedly this band will flourish presenting their new material.

Yet to tour, we are hoping for some UK performances in the future to showcase their distinctive music style. The band will potentially appeal to the fans of OPETH, TYPE O NEGATIVE, KATATONIA and EVOKEN, to those who are interested in something with a twist, from the ethnic music influences, to the female vocalist in a very male dominated genre, SARASVATI could be your next favourite band!