the hyena kill

Words: Laura McCarthy
It’s safe to say that two pieces can often be overlooked as too small to create decent sound, or too self-indulgent a project to be worth much time. As well as this, a lot of female drummers are categorised as sub-par thanks to the likes of Meg White. But fear not, fellow rockers, for THE HYENA KILL have come to save the name of musical duos!

Lorna Blundell on drums and Steven Dobb on guitar and vocals, this duo create a massive sound. Its impressive how much of a colossus of vitality and excitement that both members combined are. Steven’s voice is perfect for both the heavy and the more tonal parts of the songs, all of which are very well crafted. Lorna’s drumming is essentially the heart of the music, and she carries in some huge beats and interesting fills that dismiss all at once any misconceptions about female musicianship. This girl can hit hard, fast and fierce.

The obvious comparison is to ROYAL BLOOD, or GODDAMN but that’s not exactly the sound you should be looking for. The tone is better described as something between DEFTONES and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. It’s a much more visceral, aggressive sort of noise that THE HYENA KILL throw at you, with much more stage presence & charisma than you would imagine from such a line-up of instruments. Be warned, there’s nothing stripped back in this guitar/drum set up!

Absolutely bursting at the seams, this band is well on the way to creating something truly special in the coming years. THE HYENA KILL have embarked on recording their new album, choosing the option to crowd source the final funds on PledgeMusic. It’s a new idea and a great way to ensure that fans get the full experience of THE HYENA KILL without losing anything to corporate interference. In the meantime, getting to grips with the band live is possibly one of the most rewarding things you can treat yourself to. If you’re not available to get to Manchester’s Def Institute in November, keep your eyes open for more new music and future gigs- this is not a thing you want to miss.