Vice Promo 1
Bands in local scenes are so important, and the effort a band does to make an impact on their community is just as important as their music. This can wholeheartedly be said for the likes of metal ensemble VICE.
The four piece from Bury are making a bit of a name for themselves in the underground scene of Manchester, supporting and headlining in many loved venues around Manchester such as Grand Central and Rebellion Bar. Consistent rhythm guitarists Jack Trelawny is backed up by deep, heavy basslines from Simon Robertshaw and expressive, driven drums from Connor Summers. The whole collaboration is lead on guitar with excellent riffs, solos and vocalisation by Tom Atkinson, with a voice that encompasses both the deep and aggressive elements of the music, but equally weighs in with gravel and tone.

Coming in with a musical style influenced by MACHINE HEAD, METALLICA, DEVIN TOWNSEND and LAMB OF GOD to name a few, this is a band that mixes the dark and heavy elements with the more classical moments of older, more established bands. It’s a method that works well, resulting in a sound that will please metal fans of all persuasions. This is especially apparent in live audiences, with VICE receiving high acclaim at each gig they perform. It would seem that the band have an immense charm that fits in with their passion for playing and their music.

VICE are currently recording their first full album, which is set to be well worth keeping a look out for. In the meantime, checking out their SoundCloud for their songs Greed and Web of Inequity- just these few tracks show the huge amount of potential the band have, with a distinct identity and yet a sound that feel established and familiar. Additionally their Facebook page is constantly updating all upcoming shows in the new year, which include a spot on line-up of Wildfire Festival in Scotland in June. Giving your time to this band will not be a mistake, and better for you to catch on to them before things start kicking off with their new material!