London Indie Rockers MASSMATIKS have made quite the motion, creating a sound that echoes the values of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, SLAVES and AUDIOSLAVE. Spoken word lyrics, along with a heavily accented London twang, the riffs are high, the drums are rolling and the social commentary is rife.

Catchy and very easy to find yourself humming their tunes through the day, with songs such as Independence (A Lack Of), there is a feeling of early years YOU ME AT SIX as well as BLOC PARTY. Those looking for relatable lyrics with a little more aggression than your usual Indie set up, the four piece comprised of George Peploe (vocals), Joe Turner (guitar), Martin Linch (bass) and Josh Stagg (drums) could be the band you’re looking for.

MASSMATIKS might only be new to the scene, but have been making waves with their latest release Gunning for You, working with producer Jason Perry (KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES, THE BLACKOUT) on the song. This track has led to not only mainstream recognition from the likes of Radio 1, but also from the Rock scene with the likes of Team Rock, Radio X and Kerrang! Radio picking up on the music.

Having a clear goal in their lyrics, the honesty of their performance and their universal appeal lends itself to not just one band of fans, making them accessible to all. The heart of this quartet is undeniably the song writing, with Peploe finding inspiration in the everyday trials of life, from false hard-nuts to ex-lovers. The brutality of life and the energetic nature of the songs equates to a band full of potential and brimming with ideas. In the long run, this could become a band to contend with, and in the meantime, you would be hard pressed to find a more relevant band than MASSMATIKS in the same genre. Currently touring up and down the country, go and find out for yourself just how well these guys get into your head.