King of Asgard reveal new album details for ‘:taudr:’

Swedish melodic death metal outfit KING OF ASGARD have revealed new details surrounding their upcoming record!

The upcoming album, titled :taudr:, comes three years after the release of Karg and will be the band’s fourth studio album. The album was recorded at Endarker Studio. Speaking about the upcoming record, the band comments, “with a sharpened herd, newly acquired focus in heart and in all it’s surrounding, :taudr: reveals itself as a proof of our very best accomplishment to date –  in all senses. One always states such but this is truly what we all feel and it marks a new chapter, without a doubt. This has strengthened our faith yet again, and with self-awareness, we shall carry it with caution and slowly see in which direction it leads. We know what we’ve got, in past and in present. Now, take heed, onwards. With confidence in heart we hope our energy shines through and that you, as visitor and interpreter feel the same and enjoy your visit in :taudr:

Alongside the announcement of the new album, the band has also revealed the track list and artwork for the upcoming record. Both of which, are available to view below:

Track List:

  1. The Curse and the Wanderer
  2. Death and a new Sun
  3. :taudr:
  4. …for the Fury of the Norse
  5. Upon raging Waves (cover)

:taudr: - King Of Asgard

:taudr: is set for release on March 17th via Trollmusic.

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