Knifeworld launch ‘High / Aflame’ video

Knifeworld Lineup 2016

WORDS: Jack Fermor-Worrell

London psychedelic octet KNIFEWORLD have released a new music video!

The track, High / Aflame, is taken from KNIFEWORLD’s upcoming third album Bottled Out Of Eden which is set for release on 22nd April via InsideOut Music.

“This High / Aflame’ is an edited version of the six and a half minute opener from Bottled Out Of Eden“, said vocalist Kavus Torabi in a statement, “We wanted to start the album with something joyful and this is the song that birthed itself as a result. Once again we worked with our long-time collaborator, Ashley Jones, and Innerstrings projections to create a video that was as colourful, giddy and ecstatic as the tune itself, something that looks how Knifeworld sound. I think I’m happier with how this turned out than any video we’ve done previously.”

Knifeworld - Bottled Out Of Eden Cover

The full track-listing for the album is as follows:

1. High/Aflame

2. The Germ Inside

3. I Am Lost

4. The Deathless

5. Foul Temple

6. Vision Of The Bent Path

7. I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait

8. Lowered Into Necromancy

9. A Dream About A Dream

10. Secret Words

11. Feel The Sorcery

For more information on KNIFEWORLD visit their website.