LIVE REVIEW: Fall In The Brawl @ Rebellion, Manchester

With festival season very much over now, it’s generally time for all-dayers to be held, with events like Ritual Fest, Damnation Festival and now also Fall In The Brawl in Manchester’s own Rebellion bar.

With a line up that saw a few changes the day before the show, REVELATIONS kick things off with ample gumption. They hit incredibly hard but their stage show lacks energy, something that could’ve elevated this show even further.

Rating: 6/10

AFTER THE ABDUCTION have no such issue though, as they’re technically sound assault quickly devolves into absolute carnage. The vocals are hideous and the slams come in thick and fast, proving just again why the Manchester metal scene is becoming something very special indeed.

Rating: 7/10

Hailing down from Sheffield and also being a band with a lot of support for only releasing one single so far, CARBINE are likely to become that next thing, The confidence and swagger with which they perform is palpable and the tunes are as hard and heavy as you’d expect. The crowd laps it all up and CARBINE immediately establish themselves as the band to beat.

Rating: 8/10

INCARCERATE are up next and find themselves in desperate need of some urgency in their music. The down-tempo schtick BLACK TONGUE and ACACIA STRAIN utilised is a difficult beast to tame and can often find the music becoming stagnant and boring. The set is heavy yes, and the obvious influences are there, just needs some fine-tuning.

Rating: 5/10

With an unfortunate slew of bands pulling out, CLAWHAMMER and HUMAN ERROR are both late comers to that group, as both bands pulled out on the day leaving for DRIFTED to fall into the same trap as INCARCERATE after an hours delay. Comfortably being one of the most belligerently heavy bands on the bill, their set is plagued by technical issues for their drummer as well as a lack of traction during the first half of their set. The end sees everyone pulled in close to headbang the final track away, which makes one wonder what the set would’ve been like had everything gone perfectly…

Rating: 6/10

Unfortunately for this reviewer, VISIONS OF DISFIGUREMENT  would be the last band of the day, but what a sight to behold it was. Witnessing the four men on stage command and control the entire room like they did was astounding. The technical ability was clear and their ease and confidence whist performing was blatant. The whole room dissolved into a warzone for their entire set and by the time their final song signals for the end breakdown, the entire room erupts in a violent display of admiration and absolute carnage. What a set from a band with every ability to conquer the British death metal scene.

Rating: 9/10