LIVE REVIEW: Sylosis & Decapitated @ Academy 3, Manchester

As far as death metal goes, both SYLOSIS and DECAPITATED are leaders in their respective trades. DECAPITATED have dominated the scene with their technicality and ferocity whereas SYLOSIS have captured the UK underground by storm. Now, on a co-headline run both bands have a reputation to uphold. But will their explosive studio sound translate well onto the live stage?

Opening proceedings was THIS IS TURIN, a band that have been making some serious noise in the UK metal underground for some years now. Whilst still considered a band in the underground, their live presence was a force to be reckoned with. Explosive riffs, enormous blasts from the drums and a venomous vocal display from frontman Daryl Jones. They may only have had 30 minutes on stage, but the band kept it short and sweet; letting the music do the talking. A correct method indeed. If THIS IS TURIN can keep this up, they will be a force to be reckoned with indeed.

Rating: 8/10

With both co-headliners having the exact amount of time on stage, Poland’s DECAPITATED presented a setlist of utter chaos from the first blastbeat to the last riff. With the band still supporting 2014’s Blood Mantra, DECAPITATED‘s set was most comprised of new material. Opening with Exiled In Flesh, the band roared into life through Vogg Kieltyka‘s slick riff work on the guitar. Title track Blood Mantra featured some of the catchiest riffs of the night with the packed room in the academy synchronised through hair flowing frantically.

It proved a bold move to perform so much newer material and it stands well with the band’s exquisite back catalogue. Yet, it was the older material where DECAPITATED really shone. From the signature drum solo featured on Day 69, performed to pin-point perfection by Michal Lysejko, to the chaotic fury of Spheres of Madness that burst the biggest mosh pits of the night; DECAPITATED dominated the stage. Frontman Rasta Piotrowski held the audience in the palm of his hand, commanding the audience with such slick ease and unleashing his trademark vocal range. Despite the band’s turbulent past, DECAPITATED are a force to be reckoned with in 2016, and stamped their name firmly on modern death metal.

Rating: 9/10

With DECAPITATED setting the bar so high, SYLOSIS had more than a task at hand. With their recent success of opening to MEGADETH on their UK run last year, SYLOSIS had the momentum in their favour. Opening the proceeding with Indoctrinated, SYLOSIS set the tone at an all time high through powerful and crushing riffs. Josh Middleton immediately commanded the stage through his dual combination of unleashing riffs and devastating vocals that incited chaos from the off. With Dormant Heart only a year old, it was a surprise that the band’s set was so finely balanced across their back catalogue. With a nice balance of songs, both old and new, SYLOSIS ensured that their old school fans were catered for.

Musically, the band were a tight knit machine with Alex Bailey providing rapid rhythm, Carl Parnell and Ali Richardson kept the speed at an all time high through their bass and drum work respectively. It was incredibly satisfying to witness each member of the band performing their respective duties so remarkably well. By the time encore Altered States of Consciousness pummelled through the PA of Manchester Academy 3, SYLOSIS had left their mark. Dominant riffs, roaring vocals and hard-working musicianship give SYLOSIS the opportunity to embark on a campaign of metal dominance.

Rating: 9/10